Coaching & Counseling

Are you challenged with intimacy issues in your relationship? Do you fear that your lack of interest in sex is hurting your relationship? Have you lost the desire for physical intimacy that you used to have? Do you feel like your partner is more interested in sexual activity that you are? Are you experiencing sexual issues that make it difficult to have sex or intercourse painful?

You may be experiencing painful intercourse and orgasm problems that are keeping you from experiencing closeness in your relationship.  Premature or delayed orgasms may be causing you distress and interfering with your relationship. Sexual issues can be both emotionally and physically painful and in these times seeking the help of a professional psychotherapist can be vital as these issues often go deeper than physical causes.

Deciding to seek help is means that you are tired of waiting for things to change and trying to solve it alone. Having a trained professional guide you to the root cause of the issue is vital to moving away from the difficulty and having a satisfying sex life.

What you can expect

You can expect non-judgemental, compassionate coaching and counseling. My goal is for you to experience and express your sexual self in ways that bring you happiness and for you to live an empowered existence that brings you pleasure and joy.  Client sessions are available remotely by Skype and telephone.

Between Sessions. I provide homework between sessions that you will help you in your healing journey to deepen the work that we do together.

Confidentiality. All that is shared with me in sessions stays with me…no one will know unless you choose to tell them.

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