Sex as Spiritual Practice Curriculum

Live online class led by Jen Margaret, EdD

Week One: Sex as a soul experience

  • Beyond the physical – sex as a nonphysical experience, access to nonordinary states of consciousness.
  • 99.9% empty space – quantum physics, morphogenic field.
  • Neurotheology – blurring the boundary of self and other.

Week Two: Ancient teachings – sex & nonordinary states of consciousness

  • Sex as a spiritual practice throughout ancient history (Eleusinian Mysteries, Hieros Gamos).
  • Evidence for sex as a spiritual practice in Judeo-Christian mystical tradition, Gnostic Gospels (Jesus’ Hidden Teachings?)

Week Three: The science of sex & nonordinary states of consciousness

  • Ecstasis (“to stand outside oneself” – ancient Greek word derived from “ecstasy”)
  • The experience of sexual ecstasy can provide access to heightened states of consciousness awareness.
  • Four aspects of ecstasis:
    • Selflessness
    • Timelessness
    • Effortlessness
    • Richness

Week Four: Preparation, Preconditions & Practice of Ecstasis


  • Purification of emotional body.
  • Shifting into coherence.


  • Intent vs. surrender.
  • Present moment awareness vs. spectatoring.


  • Altered states leads to altered traits – the therapeutic effects of nonordinary states of consciousness
  • Sex as a transformative experience.