Coaching Program

Re-write your sexual story: moving beyond the ego during sexual intimacy

The human ego is not equipped for the challenges we face with sexual intimacy. When it comes to sexual encounters: the Ego is our Challenge.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “It is men who want sex and women who want love.”
  • “I am so judgmental towards myself during sex that I can never let go.”
  • “I just resent that he doesn’t do enough around here, and I feel that resentment the whole time we are having sex.”
  • “I have sex because he wants to, not because I want to.”
  • “We don’t talk about what we want because it never feels right to do that…”
  • “I don’t feel much during sex, ever really.”
  • “I always feel so preoccupied during sex because my mind is thinking about all that I have waiting for me to do.”
  • “I can’t get past feeling really shy about sex. My religious upbringing always makes me feel guilty about ‘doing it.’”
  • “I feel that as I get older no one will want me. My body is not going to respond to sex anymore.”
  • “It is men who have all the sexual desire. It is women who want love.”
  • “I never show that I want sex, I don’t want to look like I want it more than him.”
  • “I sometimes feel dirty after sex.”
  • “There is nothing sacred about sex. It is just a biological urge to procreate.”
  • “There is no sacred teaching about sex other than Tantra. Christianity doesn’t talk about sex being a spiritual experience.”

The common theme here is… our ego is telling us what we should think/feel about sex. Instead of being present in the moment, we are filtering the experience through past beliefs or cultural messaging. As long as we are having sex from our ego, we are missing out on truly connecting…

You know all those stories about sex and sexuality. You’ve been tolerating them for years. These stories come from Ego and continue to exist due to Ego. It’s the number one obstacle to sexual intimacy.
Ego is how our old, automatic and unconscious behavior patterns show up during sexual encounters. It’s the ego’s fears that get in the way of speaking up authentically during an unwanted sexual encounter… it is the ego’s fear that has us hang on to old partners, has us repeat old patterns. It is the ego that suppresses our sexual energy and has us numb out during sex. Ego keeps us from boldly claiming our sexual identity as a spiritual being having a human experience.

This is the “ego” that wisdom traditions both east and west have concerned themselves with for millennia.This ego is the combination of masks we wear to represent ourselves in life.
How much emotional energy do you waste on ego’s demands for your attention? Ego distorts what we see. Its agendas distract us from staying focused on what’s most important. Its irritations and preoccupations can be relentless.

Ego has us believe that sex is just about performance – and with that brings all the anxiety and pressure we put on ourselves for taking too long to climax, or not getting to orgasm at all. The pressure to please our partner and wondering if we were good enough.

These patterns of Ego behavior during sex are so deeply ingrained in us that it doesn’t occur to us that the challenge is actually the ego. So we continue to tolerate the elephant in the room…
But there is another way…

What if you could …

  • Give your mind a break during sex and let your body take the lead
  • Experience a deeper sense of connection with your partner than ever before
  • Be at ease and confident that you are in the flow, in the moment with your partner
  • Your body lights up with higher frequency
  • You feel cherished, loved and accepted without judgement
  • You feel connected to the unseen realm and a power greater than both of you.
  • Shame and guilt have loosened their grip on you.
  • You feel deserving and worthy of pleasure without paying any price for it.
  • You feel loved, relaxed and confident in yourself after sex.

“Beyond” Ego

You can access your essential self – that is connected to ancient sexual wisdom. In this course, you will learn how to loosen the shackles of your ego and embody your essential self, your soul.

Whether you’re single or partnered – we invite you to join Rewriting Your Sexual Story, a revolutionary four month coaching experience.

In Rewriting your Sexual Story, you’ll discover:

  • The damaging influence of ego in the bedroom
  • How to recognize ego in yourself, your partner and your environment (“collective ego”)
  • How to avoid the traps of ego, especially when under stress
  • What it means to rewrite your sexual story and what makes this possible
  • Who you truly are when you authentically move beyond the limiting structures of ego
  • How to sustainably move beyond ego individually and collectively
  • The most essential practices for soul led sexual intimacy


Who is this coaching program for?

  • Anyone who desires to have more connected sexual encounters.
  • Anyone who has glimpsed the damage that individuals’ egos can do to intimacy and relationships.
  • Anyone curious about the possibilities that open up when people choose to connect intimately from a place beyond their own ego.
  • This course offers a radical reorientation from past sexual experience – moving away from ego-based, unconscious and automatic behavior, and toward developing insights, beliefs and behaviors that bring greater inner harmony and outer harmony in your primary relationship.

The Shift in Consciousness on Planet Earth: Bringing Conscious Awareness to Sex & Sexuality

The most essential internal shift we can make is the shift from making love from ego – with all its limitations, blind spots, defensiveness and drivenness – to connecting beyond ego. This is the path of embodied spiritual practice for our time; the path toward overcoming the illusion of separation.

In this course you will discover that the perspective you engage in sexual intimacy from is a choice. Making that choice will radically enhance the quality of your relationship.

Rewriting your sexual story will change how you experience yourself, others and the world. Your willingness to face everything and avoid nothing in these three domains of relationship can transform both your love life and your spiritual life.

A core truth about beyond-ego sex is that you cannot fake it. For the ego this is scary. For your essential Self, your beyond-ego Self, authenticity is a giant relief – no more need for pretense.

You do not need to repeat your past sexual interactions. This course will show you the way to re-wire your brain to have the experiences that you actually want. You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can create a new future.

Module One

How our personal history shapes us
What is a sexual story and how it came about.
Why most people keep repeating the same experience.
What beliefs are driving you?
Guided meditation

Module Two

How our culture shapes us
What messages did you get?
How religion shapes us
The messages that you received.

Module Three

Messages about Desire and Desirability
Messages about Pleasure
Messages about Worth
Messages about Sex & Spirituality
Messages about Love & Trust
Messages about Shame & Guilt

Module Four

Sex as biological/spiritual urge
New Story Prompts for Westerns
Principle One: Surrender
Principle Two: The Body
Principle Three: Altered State