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What was Jesus’ Hidden Message about Sacred Sexuality?

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What if most everything we thought we knew about sex in the West was wrong and that sex was something beyond what we can imagine?

In ancient times, sex was believed to be a conduit to higher states of consciousness. Although this is accepted wisdom in the East, cultural messaging about sex in the Western world does not generally support this belief.

The Garden of Eden story speaks volumes about the underlying sexual ethic in the West. This creation myth represents the roots of our puritanical cultural beliefs, squarely placing the blame on sex and women for original sin and the downfall of humanity.

Alas, this sexual narrative is eroding in real time: the #metoo movement, ubiquitous church sex abuse cases and the epidemic of divorce due to sexless marriages are just some examples. The puritanical sexual ethic in the West mixed with the in-your-face, hypersexualized commercialization of sex does not offer us a unifying story about sex that can lead us forward. Many have suggested that we need to rethink what sex means in our culture.

Looking at traditional religion for answers ends up offering more confusion than answers for many, as the inherent hypocrisy can be difficult to see past.  And so, in our current time when the truth about everything is being questioned, it is worth separating the teachings of Jesus from the institution that has tried (and failed in this domain) to represent him.

What if we were wrong about Jesus’ teachings on sex?

When we look to ancient history and examine the process involved in compiling the New Testament, it seems that Jesus’ original message was indeed censored. If Constantine hadn’t been so interested in empire building and if his political agenda hadn’t caused him to lead the way in influencing banning some of Jesus’ accepted teachings during early years of Christianity, our culture today may have been based on a very different view of God and sex – that sex is integral to a spiritual life.

The books banned from the bible are virtually unknown in the West.  These texts were not politically advantageous to Constantine and the rulers of the day. For if they were released to the general public, this information could have liberated the masses from dependence on institutionalized religion and empowered them to have a direct relationship with God – through pleasure and not through suffering!

Quite possibly, as one Cambridge University scholar has written, we have entirely lost Christianity’s original message. These lost gospels (particularly the Gospel of Philip) reveal essential guidance for us individually and collectively – that it is through the body, (and women’s bodies in particular) that can we attain higher states of consciousness through the practice of sacred sex.

Modern science is revealing that humanity has access to expanded states of consciousness through sexual experiences. The lost teachings of Jesus corroborate these scientific findings and urge us to rethink everything we think we know about the ultimate path to spiritual attainment – and that the most well known spiritual teacher in Western culture may have had a message than focused primarily on pleasure and not suffering to bring us closer to God.


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