About Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen works with men and women to transform their relationships by overcoming blocks to intimacy. Highly intuitive and grounded in the science of what works, Jen offers clients and students practical tools to experience happy, healthy relationships.

Jen’s areas of specialties are: overcoming sexual addiction, low libido, sexual shame and spiritual sex.

Jen’s doctoral research focused on the impact of religious shame on sexual addiction. Jen is passionate about redefining healthy sexuality in the context of spirituality.

Dr. Jen interviews a variety of sex and intimacy experts on her weekly live radio talk show, “The Love & Sex Show with Dr. Jen.” To get your question answered on the show call Dr. Jen anytime at 1 888 76 DR JEN (1 888 763 7536).

Dr. Jen’s Background

Dr. Jen began working as a sexuality counselor after completing a doctorate in counseling psychology. Her graduate studies focused on the intersection of sex and spirituality as well as treating sexual dysfunction.

Her training includes courses in counseling skills, emotional intimacy, resolving sexual concerns, sex education, mindfulness training, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Dr. Jen has presented at conferences internationally and workshops in person and online.